The World’s First True Blockchain Phone is Secure and Decentralized to the Core

The first blockchain phone call took place last October with a prototype developed by Function X, a new decentralized internet service framework. Now the prototype has been refined and is nearly ready for public release. The phone is dubbed “BOB”, which stands for “Blok on Blok”. BOB will be compatible with Android 9.0 and users will be able to switch between Android and blockchain modes on their phones.

How Blockchain Can Improve Mobile Service

BOB has its own blockchain operating system or OS, called Function X or f (x). When BOB is set to blockchain mode, every bit of data sent through the phone is executed through a blockchain, which makes BOB the first truly blockchain-powered phone in the world.

When a user sends a text message or makes a call using BOB, the message or call is transmitted through the blockchain rather than a centralized mobile carrier. This gives users complete control and ownership over their data and saves costs by cutting out the middle man.

In lieu of a centralized service provider, the f(x) blockchain is powered by individual BOBs. Every phone will function as a node in the f(x) blockchain. This means BOB owners can contribute to the functioning and development of the Function X ecosystem, just by using their mobile phone.

How does BOB run independently without the need for a centralized service provider? Phone calls and messages are routed via blockchain nodes without the need for phone numbers. Once a BOB is registered on the network, e.g., by a user named Leonard, if someone wants to access Leonard’s publicly shared data or content, they just enter xxx.Leonard. This is similar to the traditional https:// protocol. Whether Leonard is sharing photos, data, files or a website, they can be accessed through this path. And if Leonard’s friends would like to contact him, they can call, text or email his BOB phone simply by entering “call.leonard”, “message.leonard”, or “mail.leonard”. The data is transmitted through an exchange of public and private key encryption over the f(x) blockchain.

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