The stock market is one of the best-known high-risk investments among investors, so it is extremely consolidated and familiar to everyone. Investing in this type of market is common and almost mandatory for promoting your equity, being a great way to employ your income and get positive results.

The Stock Exchange has become a business environment where investors can buy and sell corporate bonds. When a company becomes a publicly traded company, its shares are available in the market for the exchange in cash, a process that is usually mediated by brokers .

The Stock Exchange already has a great concern in making the transactions are practical and safe. However, it can not guarantee the protection of their investment against the fluidity of the market. In transactions which have a riskier content, this can happen with beginners and more experienced investors.

How does Stock Exchange work?

The Stock Exchange has always had the concern to be practical, so the way to invest in this type of business is very simple. When companies open their capital they enter this market, giving space for investors to buy or sell shares, which are nothing more than fractions of the company itself.

The investor who buys the stock of a company becomes the shareholder of the same, starting to make money over the profit and growth acquired by the respective business.

These negotiations take place inside the Stock Exchange, which have different nomenclatures around the world, where investors pass their buying and selling orders to brokers and when there is a purchase order of similar value to a sales order the purchase is closed.

Extremely simple, is not it? But like all types of business, being essentially a high-risk investment, Stock Exchange has considerable advantages and disadvantages.


• Possibility of becoming a partner of a large company
• Receipt of part of the company’s profits


• Choose an action from a particular company that is at risk
• In the event of economic crises, stocks lose value

How does WAS Insurance help you?

Our objective will always be your peace of mind and the security of your investment. We want to do that through a specific insurance for investors of Stock Exchange. Because we undertand the situations arising from the financial market, that can be volatile – especially when dealing with individuality of each business.
Investing in the stock market by becoming a partner of certain companies is a great choice. You can employ your income and receive a good part of profit on that. However, you are susceptible to the most diverse variables of financial management, where there may be situations of loss.

That’s why WAS wants you to be able to invest in the Stock Exchange without fear. With a specific insurance created for investors, you don’t have to worry. Count on us to deal with bad situations in the business market and to keep your money safe!

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