Company overview

In 2017, more than 54% of investors around the world began to realize the revolution. The market was going through it thanks to high-risk investments: starting to employ their incomes more and more in this business model. Their attractiveness is unquestionable, instead the return may be expansively positive.

However, despite all the advantages of investing in a high-risk project, the disadvantages can be frightening for many investors. It can cause a large portion of them to stop using their rents on businesses that can work very well.

That is why ensuring your investment is essential in your planning!

With that in mind, WAS Insurance, which has been in the market for more than 20 years, is revolutionizing its services. We are seeking to provide the guarantee of security and tranquility so that you can invest without fear. That’s means more control over the possible situations that may occur during the execution of your investment.

Over the years, WAS has established a strong relationship with customers, providing responsive services, developing innovative products and providing market leadership based on financial strength. Since WAS believes in you and your investments, we want to ensure your protection. So you can grow!

What does WAS Insurance provide you?

It’s quite simple: we want you to have complete control over your investment!

Since fear of the potential instabilities of high-risk business is no longer a problem, all that remains to be done is to feel that your money is in your control.

We partner with people who believe in modern management and who prioritize the security of their business above all else. That way, you can invest in peace of mind, not letting fear keep you from growing, without worrying about external factors. After all, you can take out your investment insurance whenever you need it.

In addition, managing your insurance goes well beyond simple control. We analyze the profile of your investment and outline the best option – you will have the most appropriate benefits for the business you are investing.
We work with direct marketing to financial institutions and other companies to tailor individual policies to their clients and investors. So ensuring the best way to secure the income you use in high-risk business!

Our commitment is your tranquility and security to invest without fear! That’s why we base our work on ethics and efficiency and bring the maximum of confidence to you and your investment!

” Diversification reduces risks, increases predictability and drives returns.”

Whats WAS Insurance?

  • The policy allows the client to purchase limits in the aggregate or as separate towers
  • Ability to offer tailored programs
  • Significant capacity
  • Local claims handling capabilities
  • Local underwriting authority and account management expertise
  • Primary and excess capabilities

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