How to invest like an entrepreneur

How to invest like an entrepreneur

Essential characteristics of a sucessful entrepreneur is fundamental to grow in business and achieve also personal dreams. For committed entrepreneurs, money is a tool that fuels their dreams, aspirations and future goals.

According to financial analyst Phil Ash, Co-Founder and CEO of Baton Investing, “for the successful entrepreneur, achievement is not something that’s just possible; it’s an outright expectation, even when it comes to something as volatile and inherently risky as investing’.

Let’s take a look at some key traits of the entrepreneurial investor:



Determination should becomes action. The first step is to set your goals and than what you need to do to execute it – to have a direction is fundamental to not get lost among so goals. According Phil Ash, “the same is true with entrepreneurial minded investing: calculate your financial goal, pick a proven strategy with the necessary average annual returns to get you there, and stay the course”.



Self-confidence is importante at any business, is about trust in your expertise, your methodology or approach. It’s about the confidence on your ability to overcome obstacles and also, to take risks to go forward. But talking about investments, overconfident can be a dangerous path, because you may end up taking too much risk and losing money


Understand money

You don’t need to be na expert in investing metrics, like returns and expenses, but if you do, that will make a difference for sure. Because doing so, you can have a clear vision of strategies you may do to achieve your goal.


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