Forex is the abbreviation for Foreing Exchange Market. It  consists of trading currencies around the world, being able to be both physical currencies as the dollar for euro, dollar for yen, and so on. As the famous crypto coins in the case of Bitcoin, for example.

This is one of the modalities that has been showing the most growth in high-risk investments, since its volatility is much higher than other investments of the type and bring a certain fascination to the beginning investors. The return can be absurdly high in little time, thanks to its high leverage.

In daily trading, Forex has already accounted $ 4 billion. Its breadth is so high and powerful that the transactions carried out on the New York Stock Exchange do not reach 2% of those made through the Forex system.

However, all this fluidity and instability leave investors at the mercy of luck most of the time and can lead to large losses in the same proportion of large gains which leads many investors to take high risks.

How does Forex work?

It trades with currency pairs. The investor can analyze different crypto-currency.

Let’s say you do a EUR/USD exchange rate analysis and you can see how many USD (quoted or secondary currency) you need to buy 1 EUR (base currency). So if the exchange rate of the EUR/USD currency pair is 1.2356, it means that for every euro you can buy $ 1.2356.

If it has increased, it would mean that the base currency gained strength relative to the secondary currency. If the opposite occurs and you register a decline,  you would lose in your investment.


• High liquidity
• Dynamic and Decentralized
•Elimination of banking institutions


• Raised instability
• Many variables that affect investment
• In case of loss – it is positive.

Where does WAS Insurance Limited enter into this?

Given all the advantages and disadvantages it is possible to realize that the instability of the Forex system is quite large, despite being an innovative system and that can present great results especially those already established in the market.

Even if there is a large fluctuation of prices, they are expected to eventually stabilize and thus be widely used anywhere in the world. However, as with any type of investment, prevention and safety must be priorities!

With this in mind, WAS enters the middle of its planning to ensure that your investment in the Forex system is protected from eventualities arising from the instability or from the many variables that can affect your income. That way we develop insurance especially for you Forex investor.

Now you can take the risks in this unstable territory without fear of being harmed by the usual situations. Be ready to trigger your WAS insurance at any moment and also find the specific needs of your type of investment.

Avoide going through negative moments and getting ready to invest with everything in the crypto coins! With WAS you have total security and management of your investment.
For the protection of your investment and your growth are important to us!

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