Discover how to use cryptocoins

Half of the Market and industry of technology are paying attention to the power of Bitcoin that continues to grow. As consequence, people are looking for cryptocurrency as an opportunity of investment, but one question frequently pops up in mind is “how can I use my cryptocoins?”.
Not everyone accepts digital coins as payments, but the number are increasing and we are going to tell you some ways to use yours. Discover now:

Pizza was the first product bought with Bitcoin! That’s where ease and agility of payment with digital coins started.

Bitcoins are really turning everything easier. One of the things now you can buy is digital games. On PC, you just have to select your cryptocoins as na option of payment for games by Steam. Microsoft, for example, supports this coins to buy in the Xbox sessions.

Guess what: you also can pay your lessons! It all started with Draper University, some years ago, and now Lucerne University of Applied Sciences also accepts Bitcoins. Still, just some parts of the world accepts digital coins as payment, but is a good start.

Gifts cards
Through Gyft website, you can use your cryptocoins to buy gifts cards for several of the largest stores in the world. Some of these are restaurants, snack bar and clothes store.

Now you can stay in hotel and pay with cryptocoins. You also can find some travel agencies that offers the possibility of using digital coins.

Well, all of these just make sure that cryptocurrency is not just a new business, it’s a huge business and opportunities to grow and invest.

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