Discover five trends in cryptocoins for 2020

Discover five trends in cryptocoins for 2020

If you are an investor, thinking in become one or just curious, you will be interested in these five trends in cryptocoins for 2020. Take a look and be updated:

1. Stable currencies may dominate market

The cryptocoin that is leader in the cryptocurrency market is Tether. It has a $ 4 billion market capitalization and is used on major trading pairs on dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

Stable digital coins like Tether has been highlighted in the market in the past two years.

2. Big companies are creating their own cryptocoins

This year we could see two huge companies, Facebook and JPMorgan Chase, create their own creating your own native tokens: JPM Coin and Libra, that are going to be released next year. In this mean time, the the market will observe if another companies will follow the same path.

3. Government Integrations

Some countries are afraid of joining cryptocurrency market, but other like Venezuela look at it as an opportunity. That’s why the country will launch their own tokens to circumvent a weak local economy and escape international sanctions.

China is another example: the country intends to accelarate
its own digital currency to win the launch of Facebook’s Libra.

4. Apps are conquering space

Users are looking more and more for token-based applications, like Brave Browser, Steemit e Alluva. The app Brave exceeded 8 million users in november, while Steemit has announced the Smart Media Tokens: a new cryptocoin which has the focus on entrepreneurs of digital content.

5. Criptocoins and the financial ecosystem

The owner of New York Stock Exchange and the company CME Group have joined cryptocurrecncy. They offer Bitcoin future contracts, custody services and other options for institutional investors. What is the result? Large investiments in cryptocurrency market.

The ecosystem of cryptocoins has risen and this is a trend to pay attention.


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